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Veterinary Labs

A veterinary lab does not need special software. SchuyLab can handle your needs.



Normal Ranges… For a Boxer? Unfortunately, most human-based Laboratory Information Systems have not kept up with animal care needs. With unlimited species-specific ranges, SchuyLab allows veterinary lab users to have the same ease of use that all other computer users have grown to expect.

SchuyLab provides additional fields for the animals name, additional genders for spade and neutered, and Patient Types that interact with the reference ranges of each test to allow a specific range to be set up for each new species. (One of our customers used SchuyLab’s standard tools to set up a specific range for female juvenile Pacific bottle-nose dolphins!) SchuyLab defaults to the ‘front page’ set of reference ranges, so if there is not a species-specific range for that test, SchuyLab just uses the default. This means that you do not have to set up ranges for every species for every test: set up the most common ranges on the front page and then just add the ranges for the species that deviate from that default.

SchuyLab also has a way of data-mining its records by Patient Type/Species to extract sets of results by species, age and gender – which is how our aforementioned client created the reference ranges on female juvenile Pacific bottle-nose dolphins. This is done using our Test Values report.

One of the good things about the Veterinary module is…there is no Veterinary module. All of the abilities described above come with the base SchuyLab system – at no extra cost. If you have a veterinary lab, whether it deals with pets or exotic animals, SchuyLab sorts the correct ranges for the appropriate species and automatically produces reports that are accurate for the animal examined.

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