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FREE LIS!: SchuyLab Basic

SchuyLab Basic — A free LIS!

sh_basic disk and book_smallSchuyler House is excited to offer a new option to laboratories: A free laboratory information system. SchuyLab Basic is a streamlined version of our popular LIS SchuyLab currently used in the United States and around the world.

SchuyLab is a full-featured LIS that can interface to dozens of instruments, support dozens of stations in multiple locations, support integrated billing including electronic claims submission and remittance posting, and directly host internet access for lab results.

SchuyLab Basic represents an entry point into the SchuyLab product line. It is designed for small laboratories that require only a single station and manual entry of results. With SchuyLab Basic, a laboratory can produce a consolidated chartable result record, including cumulative reports. SchuyLab Basic allows laboratories to manage their laboratory operation, produce QC and usage summary reports, graph laboratory results for trend analysis, and maintain an unlimited history of patient results.

SchuyLab Basic Features:

  • Unlimited Tests and Panels with user customizable easy order screens
  • Specimen and Cumulative reporting
  • Graphic reports
  • Comprehensive worksheet management for ease in processing and entry
  • Quality control recording including LJ graphs
  • Multiple usage summary reports
  • Outstanding test lists
  • Logs of results, including critical logs
  • Reflex testing
  • Delta Check

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