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Video Tutorials

QC New Set
How to enter a new set of QC materials into SchuyLab


Keyboard Shortcuts
How to use shortcuts and hotkeys to make your workflow faster and easier.


Typical Processing
An example of entering a new patient and processing an accession.


Looking Up Results
How to look up and deliver patient results.


New Worksheet Master
How to create a new worksheet master template.


What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Simple fixes for problems that might not seem simple.


SchuyLab for Veterinary Labs
How SchuyLab is an excellent LIS for your Veterinary Lab.


Defining A New Control
How to define a new control and link it to a device.


Daily Billing Process: Scrubbing the Claims
How to scrub through the claims using the Billing module.


High Volume Labs
A review of helpful modules for high-volume laboratories.


Features in F4 Devices
Handy features in F4-Devices that will make your job a lot easier.


Customizing Reports
A basic review of Customizing Reports for your laboratory.


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