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What is the Support Number?

(888) 724-8952 – Toll Free US & Canada
(800) 710-2962 – Toll Free US & Canada
(573)-499-1993 – International

FAQ: Index

FAQ: Hardware

Q: What is the minimum Hardware requirement for a Workstation?

A: Any PC that has Windows® XP Professional or better installed can be used by SchuyLab™.


Q: What is the minimum Server requirement?

A: Any Server that has Windows® 2003 or better Installed can be used by SchuyLab™. We do recommend that the PC used as a server has a faster processing speed and a lot of memory.


Q: Can we use our own PC or Server?

A: Yes. Many of SchuyLab™ customers supplied their own Computers. We prefer to supply the PC’s for the server and for the workstation that interfaces to the instruments.


Q: Does the Server do all the work (processing) or each Workstation share the work?

A: All processing or work is done on each Workstation. We do recommend that the PC’s used as a Workstation have a faster processing speed and a lot of memory.

FAQ: Software – General

Q: What Database does your LIS use?

A: Pervasive® SQL. Formerly Btrieve® by Novell Netware.

FAQ: SchuyLab

Q: Can we do Backup during regular operations or must the system be down for Backup?

A: SchuyLab™ can backup during regular operation.


Q: How often do I need to do backup?

A: We recommend backing up everyday.


Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Passwords can not be reset or changed by a different user, even a manager. If a password is really lost the manager must delete the user and re-enter them again.

Q: Can I make a custom report in SchuyLab?

 A: While SchuyLab has several pre-made reports it is also possible to create many custom reports as well.


Q: Does the SchuyLab™ LIS require separate workstation for reporting, faxing and instrument interface?

A: Every SchuyLab™ workstation can process faxing, results reporting or printing and Interfaces. The differences will only be the physical connections itself. You do not have to be in the Lab Workstation that is connected to the instrument to access or process results coming from the instruments. You can always do the same routine in any Lab Workstations. Same process or concept is being utilized for results printing, faxing and etc.


Q: Can we send fax reports automatically and simultaneously to different doctors?

A: Yes. SchuyLab™ can send faxes simultaneously to multiple doctors with Auto-faxing module. This feature of course will depend on how many fax modems are installed in the network and the number of telephone lines that are available.


Q: Can we send the results directly from SchuyLab™ to the fax number where the doctor is?

A: YES. On the fly, even without the Auto-faxing module. Automatic faxing with scheduled transmission and batches will require the Auto-faxing Module.


Q: I have a lab in a hospital. Can SchuyLab be used in a hospital environment?

A: YES, SchuyLab is well adapted to hospital use and has configuration options to add Unit, Ward, and Room numbers, to produce draw lists for phlebotomists to use while doing rounds. Contact us for more information about how SchuyLab can be used in a hospital environment.


Q: I have a reference (independent) lab. Can I use SchuyLab for my business?

A: YES, SchuyLab has all of the attributes you need for an independent lab, including integrated billing that directly connects to government and private payers.


Q: Can SchuyLab™ interface with other Information System (e.g. HIS/EMR/MIS)?

A: Yes. We do have an interface with most if not all the popular HIS, EMR and etc. (e.g. Medical Manager (EMR), Logician (HIS), Siemens SMS).


Q: If the interface is not yet available in SchuyLab™ for the EMR or HIS that we have or will be purchasing, how will SchuyLab™ handle this situation?

A: We will write the program to interface the other system. We do require that the other system be capable of HL7.


Q: What is HL7?

A: HL7 stands for Health Level 7. This is the most common format for data interchange within the Healthcare industry.


Q: What if our EMR or HIS is not capable of HL7?

A: HL7 is not the only data format that can be exchanged between SchuyLab™ and the other system. We do have some interface(s) with some EMR or HIS that use different formats.


Q: We have been using an EMR for sometime now. If we purchase the SchuyLab™ LIS, can we transfer the patient demographics from our EMR to SchuyLab™?

A: YES. The one requirement is for the client to generate a file with all the relevant demographics information so that we can convert them.


Q: Is there a way that we can print the patient results to their station or exam room when they call the laboratory, instead of sending one of our lab personnel to hand deliver the results?

A: YES, as long as SchuyLab™ is physically connected to the network and given access to the printer in each location that the reports will be printed.

A2: Another solution is for the hospital to purchase an additional Doctor or Nurse Station license(s). This station will eliminate the need for the doctor or nurse to call the lab for patient test results and or order tests. The doctor or nurse will be able to access, view, print results and order test anytime using this station.

A3: Using the SchuyNet™ module Doctors & Nurses can access information over the internet.


Q: One of my functions as a one person laboratory, is to give our Biller a report of billable tests or panels performed for each patient on a daily basis. Can SchuyLab™ generate such a report?

A: YES. This type of report is included as part of our core SchuyLab™ software. Our report will include demographics, tests or panels ordered, diagnosis and billing codes and etc. Billing “Lite” as we call it, can also accurately bill individual tests ordered, as a panel if it is applicable (e.g. NA, K, CL, CO2) will be shown in the billing report as Electrolytes Panel with the appropriate billing code and fee.


Q: Due to the budget, if I purchase SchuyLab™ LIS single station now, how much will it cost us to convert to a network version of SchuyLab™ when my funding is available?

A: SchuyLab™, unlike other LIS’s, does not have a network or single version only system. A one station SchuyLab™ is always Network ready and capable. Growing from a one station SchuyLab™ to multiple workstation networked SchuyLab™, will only require the purchase of additional workstation license(s), the necessary PC’s to run the additional License(s) and other incidentals to make the computer connect and “talk” each other.


Q: A lot of times, the patients have their blood work prescription with incorrect or without any diagnosis at all. How can our Phlebotomist avoid or catch these errors and at the same time inform the patient that they are responsible for the tests that are denied by their insurance company because of incorrect or insufficient ICD-9 (diagnosis) codes?

A: By using SchuyLab™’s Medical Necessity Module with ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice). This module will check for the validity of the diagnosis versus the tests or panels ordered and if necessary will print the Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN – in English or Spanish). This way, the patient will be informed in writing (printed ABN) about their responsibility as insured if their insurance company denies payment to a test or tests.


Q: In most cases when a test result is abnormal, our doctors will request for an add-on test or panel for the same specimen. How will SchuyLab™ handle this?

A: Add-on tests or panels will be treated the same way as regular orders are. You can add any test or panel to the same specimen at any time.


FAQ: SchuyNet

Q: Can SchuyLab™ allow our Doctors access and order tests via the Internet?

A: YES, using the SchuyNet™ module. SchuyLab™ will have to be previously installed as your LIS. Your laboratory will “host” your website in your own premises. You will be in total control of all the patients’ information that each doctor can have access to.

Q: Can I add SchuyNet™ at a later time?

A: YES. SchuyNet™ like any other features or modules of SchuyLab™ can be purchased and installed at anytime in the future.

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