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Schuyler House was founded by William Shipley, a computer programmer, and Janet Chennault, a medical technologist. The two had been friends years before Schuyler House was established, having met through a hobby they enjoyed in common.

In 1990, Janet was working in a hospital lab in Southern California.  The lab had a chemistry analyzer with two computers connected to it.  These were standard 1990 computers:  black monitor screens with amber lettering, no graphics whatsoever, miniscule memory by modern standards.  The first computer was solely for entering patient demographics, and it was unforgiving:  a single error meant the entire process had to begin from scratch.  The second computer was dedicated to ordering tests, sending them to the analyzer, and accepting the results from the analyzer.  Data had to be sent between the two computers.  Despite the clumsiness of the process, this was the state of the art for laboratory information systems at the time.

Janet, knowing William was a software engineer, invited him to see her system. His first reaction was to say “I can do better than than that”.  He set about to do so.  He drew on Janet’s experience as a medical technologist to design a system based on a medical lab’s actual workflow.  Together, they created SchuyLab, and in 1994 founded Schuyler House in southern California.

SchuyLab was the first commercially available laboratory information system that was both a full graphical user interface and could be run on standard PC hardware and operating systems.  Because of its design, based on the medical technologist point of view, SchuyLab works well with the lab’s own workflow – and our customers love using it!

Schuyler House has expanded geographically from its modest Southern California beginnings to include installations across the United States, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim.



2015 is our 21th anniversary

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